What is this? 🔗

Welcome fellow reader. This is yet another try to force myself (Eduardo Minguez) to write stuff in the shape of a blog.

I’ve been trying to keep internal notes with tips and tricks, so I’ve decided to try to publish them as an exercise to improve my writing skills and a little bit of self promotion :)

This time I’ve purchased a cool domain and I will be mostly focused on write stuff related to Kubernetes and OpenShift (Red Hat’s distribution of Kubernetes, because, as a Red Hat employee I am biased :) ) from a ‘sysadmin’ point of view (I believe on this ‘devops’ thing, but I’m mostly a sysadmin so…). This doesn’t mean I can post whatever I want… at the end of the day, this is my blog, so… :)

I’ve already imported the old articles from my old blog b.minwi.com and configured a redirection.

Let’s see how it goes!