Using docker to read saXX files from other system

Aug 28, 2014 10:08 · 308 words · 2 minute read rhel6 docker sar

From my F20 laptop, I’m not able to read RHEL6 sar data. Attempting to doing result in the following error:

File created by sar/sadc from sysstat version 9.0.4
Current sysstat version can no longer read the format of this file (0x1170)

According to this KCS you should be able to read older files using the –legacy option.

But it doesn’t work for me either:

Usage: sar [ options ] [ <interval> [ <count> ] ]

Options are:

My first idea was to use some RHEL6 vm, copy the sar files and run the sar command inside the vm, but as docker is uberc00l, I’ve decided to spend a few minutes in investigate how to do it with docker (yay!)


  • RHEL6 docker image
  • Docker installed (in my case, yum install docker-io -y)
  • Sar files located in ${YOURDIRECTORY}


  • Pull the RHEL6 image

    docker pull ${REMOTEIMAGE}
  • Check it

    docker images
  • Run a docker container and mount your directory with the sar files:

    docker run -d -v ${YOURDIRECTORY}:/opt/sar:ro ${YOURIMAGEID} /bin/bash

Try to access your sar files and it will fail with a permission denied error.

  • Exit your container

  • Check your container id

    docker ps -a
  • Start the container (again, because the bash command has been finished)

    docker start ${YOURCONTAINERID}
  • Check docker container pid

    docker inspect --format='{{.State.Pid}}' ${YOURCONTAINERID}

It will return a pid

  • Jump into the docker container

    nsenter -m -u -n -i -p -t ${CONTAINERPID} /bin/bash
  • Check your sar data

    file /opt/sar/sa20
  • Profit!

Cleaning steps

  • Exit your container

  • Stop the container

    docker stop ${YOURCONTAINERID}
  • Delete the container

    docker rm ${YOURCONTAINERID}

To Do

  • Simplify the docker run & docker start process (it’s a little “hacky”)


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