Custom tuned profile in RHEL7

Feb 4, 2015 09:09 · 205 words · 1 minute read rhel7 tuned custom

Tuned has been improved from RHEL6 and the process to create a custom tuned profile has changed. The syntax is now “ini”fied and the process to create a custom profile (i.e.- my-virtual-host) is slightly different. In this example, I’ll modify the virtual-host profile and add some script to customize it:

  • Install tuned (if it’s not installed yet)

    yum install -y tuned
  • Create a directory inside /etc/tuned named “my-virtual-host”

    mkdir -p /etc/tuned/my-virtual-host/
  • Create a custom profile and include the virtual-host one:

    cat > /etc/tuned/my-virtual-host/tuned.conf << EOF
    # tuned configuration
  • Create a custom script:

    cat > /etc/tuned/my-virtual-host/ << EOF
    . /usr/lib/tuned/functions
    start() {
    echo "noop" > /sys/block/${SSD}/queue/scheduler
    return 0
    stop() {
    echo "deadline" > /sys/block/${SSD}/queue/scheduler
    return 0
    process $@
  • Make it executable:

    chmod a+x /etc/tuned/my-virtual-host/
  • Active it:

    tuned-adm profile my-virtual-host
  • Check it:

    tuned-adm active
    Current active profile: my-virtual-host
    cat /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler
    [noop] deadline cfq

As you’ve noticed, I’ve created a custom script to modify the scheduler of my /dev/sda device. I’ve tried to make it work without creating a custom script (as the Red Hat instruction says in, adding the following to the custom tuned.conf file:


But it didn’t work for me.


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